Paws for Rhythm and Brews

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Start lifting those weights and be ready to compete in the 4th Annual Forest Lumber Stein Holding Championship!  The first 15 men and 15 women who register at the June 2 beer festival will compete for bragging rights and an awesome trophy!

Your $15 entry fee gives you the opportunity to claim the championship, a beautiful beer mug, and all the beer in it!  Registration will take place between NOON and 1:30, with the competition beginning at 2:00.

The Rules

  • The mug must be held by the handle only.
  • The mug-holding arm must be kept parallel to the ground.  Two warnings will be given when the arm starts to lower, with the contestant being ejected on the third violation.
  • No bent elbows - arm must be held straight out.
  • Spilling beer = ejection!
  • Winners are determined by elimination of competitors. 
  • The stein when filled with beer weighs 3.8 lbs.